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Shingeki no Pruf
Пруф или не было!
Bessatsu Magazine 2015-03 NEW!

Q: What were everyone thinking when they saw Armin dressed up as Historia?
A: They were pretty desperate back then, but had lots to say afterwards. Perhaps they felt excited, as if they had found a new toy.

Q: What were the characters made of on the January cover of Bessatsu Magazine?
A: Manjuu, filled with either strained or sweet bean paste. “Torimon” are delicious, aren’t they?
*Torimon are from Hakata, a city situated in the same region as Isayama’s hometown, Oita.

Q: Which character often talk in their sleep?
A: Annie. She will murmur “whoosh” as she practices low kicks on trees in her dream.

Bessatsu Magazine 2015-04

Q: Has Armin and Eren ever fought before?
A: I’ll be writing about that part of their relationship one day.

Q: Where do you start from when you draw the character faces?
A: From the outlines. I start by drawing a cross in a circle.

Q: What rank did Marlo and Hitch graduated in their training corps?
A: They barely made it into the top 10.

Bessatsu Magazine 2015-05

Q: Who smells the best among the people Mike sniffed?
A: Nanaba. They has a fruity smell.

Q: Historia threw Rod. Was her grades for hand-to-hand combat good?
A: Not very good, because she’s small.

Bessatsu Magazine 2015-06

Q: What was Hanji like as a trainee?
A: They wasn’t among the top trainees. And received even more strange looks compared to now.

Q: Why has Captain Levi’s eyes grew squarish recently?
A: Sorry my drawing is inconsistent… I always find my latest drawing to be the ideal style for me.

Q: Armin saved Jean when he was knocked out in Chapter 50. Did he thank him?
A: He did properly. Jean always thought of him as a friend he can count on.


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