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Shingeki no Pruf
Пруф или не было!
Bessatsu Magazine 2015-03 NEW!

Q: What were everyone thinking when they saw Armin dressed up as Historia?
A: They were pretty desperate back then, but had lots to say afterwards. Perhaps they felt excited, as if they had found a new toy.

Q: What were the characters made of on the January cover of Bessatsu Magazine?
A: Manjuu, filled with either strained or sweet bean paste. “Torimon” are delicious, aren’t they?
*Torimon are from Hakata, a city situated in the same region as Isayama’s hometown, Oita.

Q: Which character often talk in their sleep?
A: Annie. She will murmur “whoosh” as she practices low kicks on trees in her dream.

Bessatsu Magazine 2015-04

Q: Has Armin and Eren ever fought before?
A: I’ll be writing about that part of their relationship one day.

Q: Where do you start from when you draw the character faces?
A: From the outlines. I start by drawing a cross in a circle.

Q: What rank did Marlo and Hitch graduated in their training corps?
A: They barely made it into the top 10.

Bessatsu Magazine 2015-05

Q: Who smells the best among the people Mike sniffed?
A: Nanaba. They has a fruity smell.

Q: Historia threw Rod. Was her grades for hand-to-hand combat good?
A: Not very good, because she’s small.

Bessatsu Magazine 2015-06

Q: What was Hanji like as a trainee?
A: They wasn’t among the top trainees. And received even more strange looks compared to now.

Q: Why has Captain Levi’s eyes grew squarish recently?
A: Sorry my drawing is inconsistent… I always find my latest drawing to be the ideal style for me.

Q: Armin saved Jean when he was knocked out in Chapter 50. Did he thank him?
A: He did properly. Jean always thought of him as a friend he can count on.

Иногда аниме журналы печатают разную информацию о персонажах. Например, такую:

arguably, strong Levi is the only man who is loved by eren
maybe…. because “惚れている” means “in love”

спорно, сильный Ривай единственный человек, которого любит Эрен
может быть…. потому что “惚れている” значит “влюблен”

"The trustful relationship with Erwin seems to be special to Levi. Although he doesn’t appear to give Erwin any respect, he always follows his decision. Even when it ends up with failure, Levi never shows any displeasure or doubt against Erwin. On the other hand, he tells Erwin not to worry and encourages him. A strong bond that got over win-or-lose and any benefit." ©

"The bond of trust"

The one who gave Levi a motive to become a corporal is Erwin. Two of them are strongly united.

The unity among the seniors in Scouting Legion is interesting, especially Erwin, Levi, and Hanji. They can’t lose one another as team members - a trustful relationship.©

Levi doesn’t allow anyone to get at his heart except Erwin who is the only one he completely trusts.©

Some of Isayama’s answers in his Q&A corner of the Bessatsu Shonen magazine.
Women of the Survey Corps don’t wear make-up.
Mikasa is fairy good in singing.
Sasha likes meat in general.
Hanji is scariest when angered.
Erwin is a bachelor.
Levi is a tea drinker and would likely smile if he finds a very convenient cleaning product/device.
Eren is the type to express through his body. (When asked if Eren has any artistic sense in music or visual art)

Also in the most recent issue.

Mikasa developed her abs gradually during her time in the reclaimed land.
Pixis and Kitts Verman are both married and have kids.
With the exception of Krista/Historia, everyone in the 104th trainees keep off each other as they find the idiosyncrasy of the opposite sex too much to take. ©

The new batch of Q&A from the May issue of Bessatsu Shonen.
The one on the lower left corner is about Erwin. The asker wanted to know what Erwin’s childhood nickname was. The answer is “Eyebrows” (mayuge) plain and simple, by Isayama. LMAO
Someone els can translate the rest. I’m going to bed. Bye! :D
The Pink Box: Q: When will Mikasa “punish” Levi? [for beating up Eren]
A: She thinks about it all the time.
The green box under the pink: Q: What was Erwin’s childhood nickname?
A: Eyebrows.
The green box next to the pink box: Q: Are there times when Reiner and Bertholdt are having fun or feeling relaxed?
A: When they dream while sleeping.
Blue box: Q: Is instructor Keith strong in hand-to-hand combat?
A: His body is huge, so yes.
Hope this helps! ©

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Подборка ответов Исаямы из рубрики Q&A в Bessatsu Magazine за 2013-1014 год, гайдбука Outside и оф. сайта.

Bessatsu Magazine 2015-02
Q: Please tell me how Armin reduces his stress.
A: By shouting in a forest, alone, where no one else can hear him

Q: I noticed Hanji has a habit of removing her goggles when she gets angry. Does she do that on purpose?
A: When her glasses/goggles are on, she looks at the world around her through a filter. She gets emotional when she’s not wearing them.

Bessatsu Magazine 2013-09

Q: Is there any sort of culture like sports within the walls?
A: There’s no modern sports, but there are competitions like throwing a big ring far away, or competitions like throwing horseshoe.

Q: What happened to the north part of the walls?
A: There are titans in the north, but because they tend to target the south, people living there are usually at ease. Even though it’s cold so living there is hard, but there are many people who still wants to live in the north.

Q: What are some of the requests you made when SnK was turned into a anime?
A: I have proposed they add in many minor details, like making Eren into a more useless person. And Director Araki had also given his own suggestions, like the scene in Ep2 where Eren got punched. It was not included in the sсript, but added during the storyboard. I liked that scene.
Bessatsu Magazine 2013-10

Q: Have you ever spoken to any shingeki characters in your dreams?
A: Well, I actually didn’t, but I’d like to! But I’ve dreamt of being in war scenes like in “Saving Private Ryan”, but it was like the Easy mode of a game, since the bullets never hit me.

Q: Many soldiers have died during the expeditions…how do they inform the families of the dead soldiers about it?
A: Among the people who are alive, those of higher ranks will visit the families one by one and pass them a letter.

Q: When is Levi’s birthday?
A: The birthday of major characters, including Levi, is already listed in the Outside Guidebook. Please check it out!

Bessatsu Magazine 2013-11

Q: Are there winter/summer uniforms for the soldiers? And are there seafood, or creatures like fishes within the walls?
A: The uniforms change according to season. They also have a cloak to fend off the cold. And there are freshwater fishes within the walls!

Q: In vol. 5, Mike met Eren for the first time, and sniffed him. What did he think and felt after sniffing him?
A: Mike felt that he’s more alpha than Eren.

Q: Are there four seasons in shingeki? And are there the concept of song within the walls?
A: It’s not as clear cut as Japan, but they have four seasons. But even the warmest day won’t go over 30 degrees. They also have songs, and Mikasa is pretty good at it.

Bessatsu Magazine 2013-12

Q: What makes Levi laugh?
A: He would probably laugh when he sees super convenient cleaning goods.

Q: Is Commander Erwin not married?
A: Yes. He has no idea when he’ll die, so he’s not married.

Q: Do they have any measures to control the population?
A: That’s the “population reduction” that showed up in the manga.

Q: Titans use which of their 5 senses to detect the presence of humans?
A: I actually plan to write about that in the manga one day!

Bessatsu Magazine 2014-01

Q: Do the females in the Scouting Legion put on makeup?
A: No. They go bareface!

Q: Who is the scariest when they’re angry?
A: Hanji. You can get a glimpse of her scariness when she was trying to drop Nick from the wall.

Q: What is the favorite food of Sasha and Levi?
A: Sasha likes meat in general. Levi likes to drink black tea.

Bessatsu Magazine 2014-02

Q: Are there one training corps every year? Does it only exists in the south?
A: Yes. Training corps are once a year. There are 4 in Wall Rose (North, south, east and west). There were 8 before Wall Maria fell.

Q: Does Eren have any artistic sense for music or drawing?
A: Eren expresses himself with his body (actions). (Implying he doesn’t)

Q: Who won the Annie vs Mikasa fight in Vol. 11?
A: It was an enjoyable fight like the one between ノゲイラ and ボブ・サップ! The instructor came and interrupted the fight, so there were no winner.

Bessatsu Magazine 2014-03

Q: What color was Pixis’s hair?
A: He had lost his hair for a long time, so no one remembers!

Q: Can the Scouting Legion members swim? Have you ever thought of battle on water or underwater?
A: I haven’t thought of such battle, but they generally can swim.

Q: Why did Berik become Marcel?
A: Sorry. I was just thinking, and made it Marcel.

Bessatsu Magazine 2014-04

Q: When did Mikasa abs become so ripped?
A: It gradually turned ripped when they were working in the fields.

Q: Are Pixis or Kitts married?
A: Yes. They are both married and have kids.

Q: Are there anyone else in the 104th, other than Christa, who is popular among the opposite sex?
A: Everyone have their own individuality that keep the opposite sex away from them, so…

Note: Kitts is the Garrison guy who threatened to cannonball Eren when he was first discovered to be a titan.

Bessatsu Magazine 2014-05

Q: When will Mikasa give Levi what he deserve?
A: She does that frequently, in her head!

Q: What is Erwin’s nickname when he was a child?
A: Eyebrow.

Q: When are the times when Reiner and Bertholdt can feel relax or enjoy themselves?
A: When they’re dreaming in their sleep.

Q: Is Captain Kitts from the Garrison good at fighting?
A: He’s rather big size, so he’s pretty good.

Bessatsu Magazine 2014-06

Q: In chapter 55, Armin is said to be “Insidious and underhanded”. Did he do any underhanded payback when he was bullied?
A: He had that thought since he was 8. But it’s not like him to carry it out.

Q: What do you think of the Shingeki CM with Wada Akiko? [link] [link]
A: The scale was amazing.

Q: Are there any characters with surprisingly special skills?
A: Connie is good at throwing horseshoe! (See 2013-09)

Q: Titans are naked. Don’t they feel cold during winter?
A: They might just be pretending to be fine.

Bessatsu Magazine 2014-07

Q: Jean was worried about the horse in Vol.6. Is it because he felt attached to it because they look alike?
A: He was just desperate to survive!

Q: Do titans cry when they have things in their eyes?
A: It differ according to size, but they do! It could be emotional, or it could be due to the things in their eyes.

Bessatsu Magazine 2014-08

Q: Does Levi ever want to be a bit taller?
A: He does.

Q: If the TV timing for Momoiro Clover Z and SnK overlaps, which one would you watch?
A: Momoiro Clover Z!
(Isayama is a Momoiro fan. His current genki song is their song)

Q: When you draw titans, did you ever model any of them (the appearance) after your friends or acquaintances?
A: Yes. I take up requests sometimes too!

Q: Does Armin and Nifa, or the people around them think they look alike?
A: People often mention it. I’m sure both of them are aware of it.

Q: Do the characters in snk shower every day?
A: They don’t shower as often as the modern Japanese. It’s a culture where they don’t mind body odor.

Bessatsu Magazine 2014-10

Q: Is Keith married?
A: He’s single. He has sent his subordinates to their death, so he can’t allow only himself to be happy.

Q: How bad is Hanji’s eyesight?
A: Without her glasses, she won’t be able to tell Reiner and Jean apart.

Bessatsu Magazine 2014-10
Q: I really like the Female Titan, so to achieve her figure, I’ve been working hard at strength training. Please tell me the three sizes of the Female Titan.
A: B860 W660 H860.
(T/N: These are in cm. If you remove the 0’s, they look like the 3 sizes of a human?)

Q: Does Eren has a sweet tooth or does he like spicy food?
A: He has a sweet tooth.

Q: Has Armin ever wanted to cut his hair short?
A: He always had the same hairstyle since young.

Q: Please tell me the methods Reiner and Bertholdt use to de-stress.
A: Push-up.

Bessatsu Magazine 2014-11

Q: Who is Mikasa’s best friend among the 104th girls?
A: Armin.

Q: Who is the bigger eater between Natsuko “Gal” Sone and Sasha?
A: Sasha wins in terms of gluttony, but she eats in normal quantity.

Q: Mike smells all kinds of things, how does a titan smell like?
A: The special smell of a hot spring town!

Q: Captain Levi doesn’t help to prepare the meal for his squad?
A: He likes to clean up after the meal.

Bessatsu Magazine 2014-12
Q: Who is the stronger one between the Armored Titan and Colossal Titan?
A: The Armored Titan has the advantage based on their relationship as a human.

Q: Does Mikasa gets conscious about her weight?
A: Actually, she does. She’s stuck in a dilemma between the necessity as a soldier and her girly-self.

Bessatsu Magazine 2015-01
Q: Who’s the most popular boy and girl in the 104th squad?
A: Reiner and Krista.

Q: How did Connie and Sasha pass their exams for theory?
A: That’s because the Military can’t afford to let them fail.

Q: Who’s the easiest and the hardest character for you to draw in Shingeki no Kyojin?

A: The easiest is Armin. The hardest is Mikasa.


And some extra Q&A from the official site

Q: Is it possible to go to the toilet while wearing the 3DMG?
A: Yes. It was designed to make it possible.

Q: Are the wages for Scouting Legion good?
A: The Scouting Legion has the lowest wages among the military.

Q: At first sight, Armin and Eren has completely opposite personality. What was it that attracted them to each other that they became friends?
A: Both of them have the common point of not fitting in with the masses.

Q&A from Outside Guidebook (2013.09.09)

Q: What does the SL do usually?
A: When they are not going on expeditions, they will research on battle techniques, hone their titan-killing skills, and basically engage in training to level up their own strength. And sometimes, they would help out the Garrison.

Q: What happened to the north part of the walls?
A: (From 2013-09, but slightly longer answer). Maybe there are hot springs?

Q: Were you moved by anything recently?
A: I was moved by the beauty of the nature in my hometown. When I was a kid, I wanted to go to the city, but once I left my hometown, I realized its charm for the first time. I take videos when I go mountain-walking at my hometown, and play them as I work.
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A: Nanaba. They has a fruity smell.:lol:

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A: Nanaba. They has a fruity smell.:lol:

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Nanaba. They has a fruity smell.
Нанаба. У них фруктовый запах :lol:
ВТФ с переводом? :lol:

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Shingeki no Pruf
Пруф или не было!
Нанаба. У них фруктовый запах
They - личное местоимение, которое может относиться как к мужскому, так и к женскому полу. Пока пол персонажа не подтвержден официально, это самый приемлемый вариант.

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Shingeki no Pruf, о, не знала. Извиняюсь.
но тем не менее пол Нанабы уже известен о_о гид по Титанам расставил точки над и

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Shingeki no Pruf
Пруф или не было!
но тем не менее пол Нанабы уже известен о_о гид по Титанам расставил точки над и
Если можно, принесите японский источник с подтверждением. Переводчики на английский зачастую переводят неточно.

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Shingeki no Pruf, у меня есть официально переведенный и выпущенный гайд на французском
фото прилагаю
читать дальше
в абзаце сразу под изображением о Нанабе говорится как о женщине. "Elle" = она
а сама фраза звучит примерно так "Хоть она и беспокоится из-за неравного сражения с Титанами, которое ожидает их, она не позволяет себе показывать страх при обращении к юным солдатам"

Если уж и это не достаточно доказывает, то остается только Исияму спрашивать.)

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Shingeki no Pruf
Пруф или не было!
Мюнхлер, спасибо, я сейчас спрошу у японистов что там в оригинале.

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Shingeki no Pruf
Пруф или не было!
Мюнхлер, конечно, отпишусь))

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Shingeki no Pruf
Пруф или не было!
Японист говорит, что в оригинале пол не указан, так что это французы нафанонили, увы. Не первый случай, кстати, в англоязычной официальной манге был мистер Нанаба. Так что, пока Исаяма не скажет, пол Нанабы останется загадкой))

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Shingeki no Pruf, в японском варианте им удалось составить весь текст из безличных предложений? о_о

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Shingeki no Pruf
Пруф или не было!
Мюнхлер, в японском языке реже употребляются личные местоимения, их даже стараются избегать.


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