Фейковые превью томов от Исаямы с интервью персонажей (англ.)

Shingeki no Pruf
Пруф или не было!
In Attack on Titan Volume 4!! We Enter the Raging Cooking Battle Arc!!

With limited land and limited ingredients...
SASHA: Th-This soup...!?
SASHA: Oh no! All that's left are onions!!
CROWD: Fuck you, you rich bastards!!
CROWD: Let us eat meat!!
SASHA: Now that it's come to this....
SASHA: There's nothing left to do but steal!!
Humanity must now face the challenge of cooking meat dishes!!
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Original version of the preview above. There is no preview for Volume 5.

Attack on Titan Volume 6 will be Released December 9, 2011!

A meeting between two species...
...and then a parting...
The love of this taboo-breaking couple will bring a miracle into this world!

Attack on Titan Volume 7 will be Released April 9, 2012!!

"A sudden visitor" - The torturous curse of puberty...
JEAN'S MOTHER: Jean! Have you cleaned your room yet!?
JEAN: Damn it, Mom!! Knock, will ya?!
Jean's heroic past now comes to light!!

Attack on Titan Volume 8 will be Released August 9, 2012!!

ARMIN: "Ah!"
Caught off guard for a single moment...
The hellish pain that seems to last for an eternity...

What awaits Armin after he faints in agony...?

Attack on Titan Volume 9 will be Released December 7, 2012!

Suddenly recieving a "slap"...
An unexpected attack with the "elbow"...

She's violently assaulting Reiner for no particular reason ----!!

Attack on Titan Volume 10 will be Released April 9, 2013!

Dancing amidst a spray of blood -- A masterful performance!!

Thus humanity's fate has been entrusted to....
... the strongest stage entertainer.

She'll charm every single Titan!!

Next Volume! The Frenzied Idol Arc Begins!!

Name: Mikarin
Height: 170cm
Reach: 173cm
Weight: 68kg
Hobbies: Eren
Special Skill: Slicing up meat
Strong Point(s): Following through with what I've decided ☆
Weak Point(s): Cutting up people I dislike without warning, Actually a scatterbrain ☆
Attached to: Recon Corps Idol Unit

Attack on Titan Volume 11 will be Released August 9, 2013!!

Let's combine everyone's powers to defeat the bad Titan!
You can do it, Recon Corps!!

Attack on Titan Volume 12 will be Released December 9, 2013!

EREN: What was that?... A dream?
The boy wakes from a dream to live in reality.
MIKASA: Wake up, Eren. We're going to be late.

CONNIE: Leave this to us!!


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Этот упорос просто восхитителен! :five: Последняя с титанами - моя любимая. Спасибо, что собираете и выкладываете.

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Shingeki no Pruf
Пруф или не было!
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